How to win on pokiesThere is no formula that can be used to win at pokies and it is not possible to consistently win pokies over a long series of playing pokies. In fact, pokies can result into extreme losses that win if not played correctly or continuously. However, some few people have continuously won at pokies. In this post, you will find a compilation of the few interesting but very basic tips on how to win pokies. These compilations are based on advice from players who have shown an incredible rate of winning on pokies. Besides, these tips feature playing patterns and behavior that casino insiders have associated with frequent pokies winners.

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1. You need to know the pokies games that are running hot and cold. This information should be found on the website of the casino. If the website does not have this information, request for it from the support team before playing.

2. Make sure you know the casinos return-to-player percentage. However, you are supposed to understand that these percentages are subject to fluctuations following the overall casino winnings or losses. They go down and up when casinos make losses and winnings respectively.

3. The casino must have generous offers when it comes to pokies games welcome bonuses to increase chances of winning.

4. You need to learn about all the features of the pokies game. An easy and economical way to learn the feature is by playing using casino bonus money. There are chances of converting winning without making losses.

5. Immediately you realize you are on a losing streak, lower the size of your bet. With smaller nets, you will have more time, and the odds may increase in your favor.

6. Unless you are on a losing streak, do not always use minimum bet sizes because if you become lucky, you will end up with very small pokies win.

7. An obvious tip chose casinos with the best selection of pokies.

8. If you are not using the bonuses, you may need to run the demo or free play option so that you can have enough knowledge on the features of the game. This will make you better placed when you start using your money.

9. A very important tip when it comes to playing pokies is playing with a clear head. Playing while on drugs or emotional breakdown can alter your judgment on the size of bet and when to stop.

10. Do not play to win, play for entertainment.

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